Franter Rating is a member of the Franter family. The Franter Rating system is specifically designed to provide an age rating for these smaller games, helping developers ensure that their creations are appropriate for all audiences.

Unlike traditional age rating systems, which are typically reserved for larger games made by established companies, the Franter Rating system is specifically tailored to the needs of indie game developers. These developers often lack the resources and infrastructure needed to navigate the complex and expensive process of securing an official age rating, which can be a major obstacle to getting their games in front of a wider audience.

The Franter Rating system provides a simple, streamlined solution to this problem. Developers can submit their games for review, and the Franter team will provide a rating based on the game's content and intended audience. This rating can then be displayed prominently on the game's store page, giving potential players a clear sense of whether the game is appropriate for them or not.

In addition to providing an age rating, the Franter Rating system also offers developers a range of other services and resources to help them succeed in the competitive world of indie game development. These include marketing and promotion support, user analytics, and community engagement tools.

Overall, the Franter Rating system is a valuable resource for indie game developers looking to get their games in front of a wider audience. By providing a simple and affordable way to secure an age rating, the Franter team is helping to democratize the world of game development, making it easier for smaller studios to compete with the big players in the industry.

Please note that the Franter Rating service is not currently active and will only be available in the first half of 2024. While we are excited to offer this service to indie game developers, we are still in the development phase and are working hard to ensure that it meets our high standards for accuracy and reliability. We appreciate your patience and look forward to launching this service in the near future.