Franter Audio is a proud member of the Franter family, a company that specializes in various areas of creative production. Franter Audio focuses specifically on voice acting productions, with a unique specialization in translating English films and series into Hungarian.

The team behind Franter Audio is made up of a talented group of individuals, including hobbyists and experienced professionals alike. This mix of experience levels creates a diverse and dynamic environment, allowing for fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

One notable member of the Franter Audio team is Fonyó Barbara, a well-known Hungarian actor-singer. Her involvement with Franter Audio is a testament to the Franter's commitment to quality and professionalism.

Franter Audio's expertise in translating English films and series into Hungarian is a valuable service in the entertainment industry. Voice acting is a crucial element of any film or series, and having high-quality translations and voice actors can greatly enhance the viewing experience for audiences.

By providing top-notch voice acting services, Franter Audio is helping to bridge the gap between English-speaking and Hungarian-speaking audiences. This not only benefits viewers, but also opens up new markets and opportunities for the entertainment industry as a whole.