Franter Partner is one of the members of the Franter European brand family, who are dedicated to providing financial or legal support to emerging ideas. The company's mission is to assist and foster innovative businesses and initiatives that have promising ideas but lack the necessary resources or legal expertise.

The team at Franter Partner is committed to supporting entrepreneurial spirit and brings extensive experience in the financial and legal domains. Their goal is to aid idea creators in acquiring financial resources, developing business strategies, providing legal advice, and other areas crucial to achieving success.

Franter Partner places special emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and ethics. During the evaluation of ideas, they consider not only the economic potential but also the social and environmental impacts. The company believes in the interconnectedness of economic development and social responsibility, and that the opportunities created by emerging ideas can contribute to a more sustainable and better future.

Therefore, Franter Partner is an organization specialized in supporting emerging ideas and employs various means to assist the growth of innovative ventures in both financial and legal aspects.